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Professor John (Old John) Shand
C.M.G., LL.D., M.A.
1834 - 1914

Second Honour, Companion of
St. Michael and St. George

The New Year Honours for 1914 held a welcome surprise for John Shand. From the Colonist of 2nd January 1914 (page 5) we learn that:


Professor John Shand, of Otago University, is created a Companion of St. Michael and St George.


This was expanded upon by the Hawera & Normanby Star of 3rd January 1914 (page 4):


The recognition of the work done by Professor Shand will be very pleasing to a large number of New Zealanders, especially, we suppose, to those who have passed through Otago University College, and are now filling responsible positions, many of them in the Dominion, many of them in different parts of he world.

We have not time or space to-day to specially refer to the work done at the two older University Colleges of New Zealand - Otago and Canterbury. It many be said, however, that the record of these institutions is not without honor even in this, their own country, and it is gratifying to know that the work of such as man as Professor Shand, who has been a great and beneficial force in the Otago University, is deemed worthy of the reward which has been bestowed upon him on his retirement.


John Shand was invested with insignia of the order on 10th March 1914, as reported in the Observer of 14th March 1914 (page 4):


The Governor has invested Professor John Shand, of Dunedin, with the insignia which pertains to a C.M.G.-ship. This distinguished philosopher and mathematician has been to the fore in his profession since he came to New Zealand in 1871. He was a member of the Royal Commission on the New Zealand University, whose inquiries took about three years to make, and thenceforward he sat among the big-browed senators of our educational top-storey.


The Order of St Michael and St George, instituted in 1818, was an award originally intended to commemorate British protection of the Ionian Islands (in the Mediterranean) and was to be awarded to distinguished citizens of those islands. Later in the nineteenth century, with the expansion of the British Empire, the scope of the award was extended to encompass those who had rendered extraordinary non-military service in the Dominions and Colonies.


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