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Professor John (Old John) Shand
C.M.G., LL.D., M.A.
1834 - 1914

First Honour, Doctor of Law

The Aberdeen Journal of 4th March 1889 (page 5) carried the announcement that:


The degree of LL.D. was conferred upon …… Mr John Shand, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Otago. Mr Shand, who is a native of Morayshire, graduated at King's College, Aberdeen, in 1854, and the present honour has been conferred on him in consideration of his long-continued and eminent services to education in the colony of New Zealand.


Only three days later, the Ashburton Guardian of 5th March 1889 (page 2) announced:


The University of Aberdeen has conferred the degree of Dr of Law upon Professor Shand, of Dunedin, and Doctor of Divinity upon Mr Michael Watt, New Zealand.


Which was followed in the Otago Daily Times of 11th March 1889 (page 2), which stated:


This community generally will be ready to congratulate Professor Shand …… on the well merited honours that have been conferred …… by the University at which …… educated ……

As for Dr Shand, no man in this community better deserves his honours. As a teacher of mathematics his reputation stands as high as that of any professor in the Australian Colonies; whilst his services to education generally, as a member of the Education Board and in other more silent ways, can fully be appreciated only by those who are familiar with the history of education in the Colony and province.

If Dr Shand’s merits and services were not the most unobtrusive and modest kind they would have been rewarded with high academic honours long before this.



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