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Professor John (Old John) Shand
C.M.G., LL.D., M.A.
1834 - 1914

Early Life & Education

John Shand was born on 22nd January 1834, the second child of four and second son to Alexander Shand, farm steward and Isabella McKenzie at the farm of Westertown, near Elgin, Moray, Scotland.

The 1841 and 1851 census returns for Westertown, in the parish of Elgin gives us:

1841 Census, Westertown, Elgin


1851 Census, Westertown, Elgin

showing John Shand’s roots, through his father, as the neighbouring parish of Drainie.

John Shand was educated in the Elgin Academy; he appears in the report of the annual examination of the school reported in the Elgin Courier of 27th June 1851 (page 3) where, within the Arithmetical and Mathematical department, we find:


A Mathematical class was next examined on the elements of Geometry, and Plain [sic] Trigonometry, and in Algebra as far as Simple Equations. It was evident from the general appearance made, that, as on former occasions, this branch of the department was carefully and successfully taught. John Shand was here found entitled to the “Allan Reward of Merit.”


Later in the same article, the list of prizes is presented, and we find John Shand (Allan’s Reward of Merit), Pluscarden.

John Shand went to Aberdeen University, where he obtained his M.A. degree in 1854. His graduation was announced in the Aberdeen Journal of 5th April 1854 (page 7) as:


The following gentlemen were admitted, after examination, to the degree of Master of Arts: …… J. Shand, Elgin ……


The Elgin Courier of 7th April 1854 (page 2) referred to the above and added:


In another column will be found a list of the young gentlemen who have this year carried prizes at King's College, Aberdeen …… we also observe that Mr John Shand has carried the first prize in the Moral Philosophy class ……



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