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Sumbissions to the Newsletter are always welcome; articles for inclusion in future Newsletters can be submitted to the Newsletter Editor by e-mail at newsletter@morayandnairnfhs.co.uk

Prospective articles should have genealogical or Moray & Nairn content. Please ensure that permission to use any copyright material is included. Articles, or extracts, may be published on the Society's website; or may be re-used in subsequent Newsletters.

Archived Newsletters are not released for general view until two years have passed since the date of publication.

February 2018 Newsletter

The Grants of Prospect Lodge, Elgin Part 1 (Stuart Farrell)

Nairn County Press Deaths 1900-1903 (Stuart Farrell)

October 2017 Newsletter

Margaret RALPH Mackintosh (Jeffrey Valliant)

Some Moray Chelsea Pensioners (Stuart Farrell)

July 2017 Newsletter

Boharm Church Fete (Bill Munro)

Boharm Free Church Bazaar, 1897 (Stuart Farrell)

February 2017 Newsletter

The College of Elgin (Bruce Bishop)

Elgin Murders (Stuart Farrell)

October 2016 Newsletter

Some Forres Chelsea Pensioners (Stuart Farrell)

Rural Cottages – Foxmoss, Cawdor (Stuart Farrell)

July 2016 Newsletter

List of The Municipal Electors of Forres, 1836 (Stuart Farrell)

A Link to the 18th Century (Doug Stewart)

February 2016 Newsletter

The Smoke Doctor (Doug Stewart)

Some of the Principal Residents of the Burgh of Elgin on 23rd July 1694 (Bruce Bishop)

October 2015 Newsletter

Fenton Petrie, Soldier, Coin Forger and Murder Victim, Part Two (Stuart Farrell)

Miss Brodie of Lethen (Stuart Farrell)

July 2015 Newsletter

Fenton Petrie, Soldier, Coin Forger and Murder Victim, Part One (Stuart Farrell)

DNA Testing, One Person’s Experience (Jane MacGillivray)

March 2015 Newsletter

The Macleods of Dalvey (Ian Campbell Harris)

Forres War Memorial – A Possible Non Commemoration (Stuart Farrell)

November 2014 Newsletter

Moray Miscellany, Forres War Memorial (Stuart Farrell)

St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Aberlour Marriages 1876-1897 (Stuart Farrell)

July 2014 Newsletter

Claim of General Service, Anne Blenshal, Elgin (Graeme Wilson)

On a Wooden Leg, Charles Millar, 1st Black Watch (contributed by Ken Nisbet)

March 2014 Newsletter

Marriages from the Forres Gazette (compiled by Doug Stewart)

St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Aberlour Baptisms 1881-1889 (Stuart Farrell).

October 2013 Newsletter

The Falconer’s and Tulloch’s of Reriach (transcribed by Jane McGillivray)

Not My Alexander Shand (Doug Stewart)

July 2013 Newsletter

Moray Miscellany, War Memorial, United Free High Church, Forres (Stuart Farrell)

A Grave Conundrum (Tom Graham).

March 2013 Newsletter

Grant vs Fife, 1820 or Political Corruption, What's New (Doug Stewart)

Nairn Miscellany, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Stuart Farrell)

December 2012 Newsletter

The Loss of the Fishermen of Stotfield (Bruce B Bishop)

The Last Hanging in Elgin (Irene Mackintosh)

September 2012 Newsletter

An Introduction to Poor Relief Records (Stuart Farrell)

The Last Hanging in Elgin (Irene Mackintosh)

June 2012 Newsletter

Professor John 'Old John' Shand, C.M.G., LLD.D, M.A., 1834-1914 (Doug Stewart)

Forres Episcopal Church Baptisms 1875-1876 (Stuart Farrell).

March 2012 Newsletter

Burial Grounds in the Braes of Glenlivet (Bruce B Bishop).

Nairn Working Men’s Club Bazaar - Cookery Book (1904) (Irene Mackintosh).

Titanic Link (Alastair J McKenzie).

Forres and The Boer War (Ken Nisbet).

December 2011 Newsletter

Members Interests (Linda Howie) - An account of the lives a Clark family of Nairnshire.

Dawson Family in Forres (Tom Rollo).

Which Margaret Edward? (Doug Stewart) - Following the trail from the 1806 Stotfield Disaster.

September 2011 Newsletter

The Libindx Story (Graeme Wilson, Archivist, Moray Council).

Horse Tax for Nairnshire 1797 (Sarah Brodie).

June 2011 Newsletter

A Brief History of Moray and Nairn Part IV (Bruce B Bishop).

John Wilson McHattie, 13 December 1858 - 23 April 1923 (Alison Gale) - John Wilson McHattie, superintendent of Edinburgh Parks, native of Morayshire.

Forres Episcopal Church Baptisms 1860-1862 (Stuart Farrell).

March 2011 Newsletter

A Brief History of Moray and Nairn Part III (Bruce B Bishop).

A Letter of 1854: The Idiot Lad at Fornighty (Sarah Brodie) - Dr John Grigor of Nairn writes to James Campbell Brodie of Lethen about what might be done for a young man living at Fornighty, Ardclach.

Coach accident on the Nairn/Forres Road 1833; Goings on at Dulcie in 1818; and Nairn Soup Kitchen and Meal Store 1856 (Irene Mackintosh).

Horse Tax of 1797-98, the Horse Tax of 1797-8 for Knockando by (Doug Stewart).

Forres Episcopal Church Baptisms 1856-1859 (Stuart Farrell).

November 2010 Newsletter

A Brief History of Moray and Nairn Part II (Bruce B Bishop).

Strondow and Borlum (Pat Milne) - Milne families in the parish of Knockando.

Who was Aunt Jessie? (Tom Graham) - Tracking down that elusive lost relative, found in Spey Bay.

The town of Keith during the first Jacobite Rebellion (Bruce B Bishop).

Farms in the Country of Moray (Doug Stewart) - Estate of Gordonstoun, in the united parishes of Ogstown and Drainie, 1809.

June 2010 Newsletter

Does death come on horseback? (Bruce B Bishop) - The spooky, spectral tale of John McKain, minister of Birnie, found hung on Christmas Day 1703.

A Brief History of Moray and Nairn Part I (Bruce B Bishop).

Elgin Rifle Volunteers, Pluscarden and Kellas (Helen Hughes) - During renovations of a cottage in Miltonduff, target practice registers were found; an attempt was made to identify these volunteers.

Survey of the Shop Tax of 1787-88 (Stuart Farrell) - Forres and Elgin.

April 2010 Newsletter

Explosion Rocks Elgin, Four Dead, Several Injured (Doug Stewart) - Elgin, 1761, the town in mourning for four of its citizens killed by a gunpowder blast in the shop of William Fraser.

Jane Smith (Doug Stewart) - A dip into 19th Century Poor Relief Records.

One way to pay for a bridge! (Bruce B Bishop) - How a bridge over the River Lossie in the parish of Dallas was financed, in a most unusual way.

Discovering Davidsons in Moray & Nairn (Nick Hide, Clan Davidson Association).

October 2009 Newsletter

Finding Elspet McKay (Doug Stewart) - Searching for Elspet McKay in 19th century Knockando.

Some Moray Apprenticeships (Bruce B Bishop) - James Mackintosh, Cromdale, 1877; Walter Ross, Alves, 1876; and, Alexander McRobbie, Elgin, 1882.

World War One British Army Records - Part 2 (Stuart Farrell).

June 2009 Newsletter

Before the A96 - The King’s High Way (Bruce B Bishop) - Description of the principal route through the counties of Nairn and Moray in olden times.

A Churchyard Dispute (Kenneth A M Nisbet) - Dispute over the rights to place a body in a grave, the placing of burials in the wrong lair and a disrupted funeral in Nairn.

World War One British Army Records - An Introduction (Stuart Farrell).

Archived Newsletters are not released for general view until two years have passed since the date of publication.

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