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The Bailie’s Great Adventure
Grant vs Fife


First Edition

In the early part of the 19th century, general elections were very different to what we know today. In the town of Elgin, for example, there were only 17 voters. Little wonder then that the greatest efforts were made to capture the votes of these people.

This publication describes some of the events surrounding the general election called at the death of King George III in 1820. It follows the life of one of the bailies of Elgin, Francis Taylor, during the election period in March that year.

Elgin, December 2001

Revised Edition

With the 200th anniversary fast approaching, the opportunity was taken to review - and update - the first version of this document. Not because there’s anything new to report, but some of the loose-ends having, in the passing years, been tied-up - in particular there now being an explanation as to why Alexander Innes was described as ‘neutral’ in terms of the party he supported in the election of 1820.

Elgin, April 2017


Acknowledgements are due to all staff, present and past, at Moray Council’s Local Heritage Service for their assistance in the preparation of this document.


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