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Nairn County Press and Advertiser, Deaths & Obituaries 1900-1905

New, from Moray & Nairn FHS.

Available from Moray & Nairn FHS at only £8 each, p&p extra. Email publications@morayandnairnfhs.co.uk.

Also available locally at Yeadons of Elgin and The Nairn Bookshop.



The 2022 AGM will be held at 10.00am on Saturday, 12th February 2022 - place and method unclear at this time.


About Us

Moray & Nairn Family History Society was established in February 2009, for people researching their ancestry in these old counties.  The Society has members throughout Britain, and overseas.

The aim of the Society is to promote the study of genealogy and family history in Moray and Nairnshire, as well as the production of publications relating to these counties; members receive three Newsletters by email each year.

Contact Moray & Nairn FHS by e-mail at enquiries@morayandnairnfhs.co.uk

    Chairman: Stuart Farrell
    Secretary: Mary Evans
    Treasurer: Alice Thornton
        Douglas G J Stewart
        Sarah Brodie
        Diane Macrae

    Membership Secretary: Stuart Farrell

    Newsletter Editor: Stuart Farrell

    Webmaster: Douglas G J Stewart

    Facebook Administrator: Alice Thornton

For a membership application form, please go to the Membership Enquiry page - or, e-mail us at enquiries@morayandnairnfhs.co.uk


Recent Additions

Recent additions and updated to the site include:

    Nairnshire Artillery Volunteers and Nairnshire Rifle Volunteers (Nairn)

    Poor Register, Parish of Mortlach (Publications)

    Nairn Patients, Inverness District Asylum (Nairn)

    The Grants of Prospect Lodge, Elgin (Moray)

    Progress, Nairn Cemetery (News)

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